Public holidays all around the world in May 2024

Upon request, here is a list of public holidays in May 2024:

Wed Labour Day
Fri-Mon Orthodox Easter
5 May Sun Europe Day
9 May

Thu Ascension Day / Fathers‘ Day / Europe Day
19-20 May Sun-Mon Whit Sunday/Pentacost – Whit Monday
30 May Thu Corpus Christi
  • Labour Day: A national holiday in many countries, celebrating workers and labour movements.
  • Europe Day: Observed by the Council of Europe, commemorating peace and unity in Europe.
  • Ascension Day: A national holiday in Germany and many other Catholic countries, marking the ascension of Jesus Christ.
  • Fathers’ Day: A day to honour fathers and father figures.
  • Europe Day: Observed by the European Union, promoting European unity and cooperation.
  • Whit Sunday or Pentecost and Whit Monday: A Christian holiday, which commemorates the Holy Ghost’s descent upon Jesus Christ’s disciples (New Testament, Bible).
  • Corpus Christi: A regional holiday, which falls on a Thursday exactly 60 days after Easter Sunday, honouring the Eucharist (Holy Communion, Lord’s Supper) in the Catholic church, is observed only in several German states.