Our talented Stammtisch-VIP Pompilia Stoian-Lemperle

A slideshow by Emil Mateiaș. Music: „Friend dear“ sung by Pompilia Stoian-Lemperle. With this song Pompilia won, in 1966, the international competition from Mamaia, and in 1999, this song in its interpretation, was declared „Song of the century“! She is not only gifted with a wonderful voice. Her talents is also shown in the development of her painting skills. The slideshow definitely proves this.

Lucky enough, English Goes Global used to have their first classrooms across the road from Pompilia. We easily got to know her as wonderful neighbour, a good friend, a consulting and highly experienced language teacher, an After Work Stammtisch regular and on top of it an outstanding artist and entertainer. She can certainly tell you all about a very exciting life interwoven with languages and artistic activities.

You can find out more about Pompilia on her website and listen to some more of her beautifully melodic songs on YouTube.

Let’s hope that the current COVID-19 situation comes to an end ASAP. Maybe Pompilia would then be so kind to sing us a song at the next After Work Stammtisch! <3