A joke a day

Ein Einzeiler von gestern – A one liner from yesterday:

There comes a time when all people break down and do the unthinkable…

They read the manual!

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What is a joke anyway?

Did you know that it can mean something funny or even bad and silly.

Definition of JOKE

joke noun (FUNNY)

​B1 [ C ] something, such as a funny story or trick, that is said or done in order to make people laugh:
Did I tell you the joke about the chicken crossing the road?

He tried to do a comedy routine, but all his jokes fell flat (= no one laughed at them).
Don’t you get (= understand) the joke?


joke noun (BAD/SILLY)

​C1 [ S ] informal a person or thing that is very bad or silly:
Our new teacher’s a joke – he can’t even control the class.
The new software is a complete joke – it keeps crashing.
The test was a joke (= was very easy) – everyone finished in less than an hour.

A joke a day
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